Commercial landscapes are more than just a plot of greenery surrounding a building; they’re a testament to the professionalism and image of the businesses they front. However, maintaining such landscapes is not without its challenges. Here are eight common commercial landscape maintenance mistakes that you should avoid.

Over-Watering or Under-Watering

Each plant species has specific water requirements. Over-watering can lead to root rot and mold growth, while under-watering can cause plants to wither and die. Installing an efficient irrigation system and setting an appropriate watering schedule is key.

Not Pruning Regularly

Allowing plants and trees to grow unchecked can lead to an overgrown and unkempt appearance. Regular pruning helps maintain the plants’ shape, size, and health.

Ignoring Soil Health

Healthy soil is the foundation of any vibrant landscape. Neglecting soil health by not fertilizing or aerating can stifle plant growth and lead to an unattractive landscape.

Using the Wrong Equipment

Using residential-grade equipment for a commercial landscape can be inefficient and yield subpar results. Invest in commercial-grade tools and machines for optimal outcomes.

Neglecting Seasonal Care

Every season comes with its set of maintenance requirements. From spring planting to fall leaf cleanup, missing out on seasonal care can lead to long-term landscape damage.

Overlooking Pest Control

Pests can quickly overrun a landscape, causing significant damage. Regular pest control inspections and treatments are vital to keeping them at bay.

Not Updating the Landscape

Trends in landscaping evolve. Sticking with an outdated design can make a business seem out of touch. Periodic updates, even if minor, can refresh the appearance and vibe of the commercial space.

Forgoing Professional Help

While it might seem cost-effective in the short term to handle landscaping in-house, without the right expertise, costly mistakes can happen. Hiring professionals ensures the landscape is maintained correctly, preserving the investment and the business image.

Trust the Experts at Miller’s Landscaping

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