Water can be the missing puzzle piece that brings your landscaping project together in the best way. However, that may also be easier said than done. Water can be very helpful and create a wonderful mood but it can also be a hassle to contain and keep in line. 

Are you interested in landscaping design in Township, NJ? Are you trying to turn your space into a peaceful and beautiful escape from the rest of the world? You should consider hiring a local company but you can also learn a few tips and rules about integrating water into your landscape design.

Integrating water features into your landscape design can add a refreshing touch of nature and tranquility. But you definitely have to be educated about it before you try!

Design Considerations

Start by thinking about your space and how you’d like to incorporate water. Remember, the inclusion of water has to make sense! So, determine the type of water feature that best fits your landscape, whether it’s a pond, fountain, waterfall, or a simple birdbath. The good news is that you have a lot of options out there, just make sure you are agreeing to one that feels right to you.


Next, you need to choose a suitable location for your water feature. Consider factors like sunlight, proximity to sources of power (if you need electricity), as well as the visual impact it will have on your space.

Size Matters

Make sure that your water feature is proportionate to the space you’re putting it into. A general rule of thumb says that smaller features work best in compact gardens, while larger properties are usually a better fit for bigger and more elaborate water elements.


Determine your budget. Water features can range from affordable to quite expensive, so it’s important to establish a budget that suits your resources.

DIY or Professional Help

Decide if you’re going to tackle the project yourself or hire a professional. Simple features like bird baths or container fountains are great DIY projects, but larger installations may require expert help.

Landscape Plants

Integrate water-loving plants around your feature. Aquatic plants like water lilies and cattails can enhance the natural beauty of your water element.


Be aware that water features require regular maintenance. This will include activities like cleaning pumps, removing debris, and treating algae or other water issues. You need to be sure that you’re ready to commit to this sort of upkeep.


Consider lighting to enjoy your water feature after dark. Waterproof LED lights, strategically placed spotlights, and ambient garden lighting will create a stunning nighttime effect.

Sound and Relaxation

The sound of flowing water can be very soothing. Position your water feature where you can appreciate the sound, like near a seating area. This will help you get the most out of your water feature and find peace even in your own backyard.

Miller’s Landscaping Will Help Make the Good Times Flow

Keep in mind that the key to successfully integrating water features into your landscape is to blend them naturally with the surroundings, make them easy to maintain, and, most importantly, enjoy the calming and tranquil atmosphere they bring to your outdoor space. 

Miller’s Landscaping has perfected the art of integrating water features into your property. We know all the choices before you, and we are ready to help you make the right one.