As the leaves change colors and fall from the trees, it’s time to start thinking about fall landscaping. Preparing your landscape for winter can help protect your plants and garden from the cold weather, snow, and ice. This blog post will help your landscape maintenance before winter arrives!



Follow our fall landscaping tips and thrive during the upcoming springtime. Read on!

  1. Rake Your Leaves

The most important step to prepare your landscape for winter is raking your leaves. Leaves can harbor all sorts of diseases and pests, infecting your plants come springtime. Raking also helps to prevent mold and mildew from developing on your lawn.

  1. Fertilize Your Lawn

Fertilizing your lawn in the fall helps ensure it stays healthy and green throughout the winter. Choose a fertilizer high in nitrogen, as this will help promote growth. Apply the fertilizer according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

  1. Check Your Flowers Beds

As the temperatures cool down, many flowers will begin to die off. Clear out your flower beds of any dead or dying plants; this will help to prevent diseases from spreading to healthy plants. You can also add fresh mulch to your flower beds. This procedure will help protect your plant’s roots from the cold weather.

  1. Mulch Your Gardens

Mulching your gardens in the fall helps to protect your plants from the cold weather. It also helps to prevent weeds from taking over your garden come springtime. Be sure to use a thick layer of mulch, as it’ll insulate your plants and help them stay cozy throughout the winter.

  1. Prune Your Trees & Shrubs

Pruning your trees and shrubs in the fall helps them stay healthy and look their best. Prune branches avoiding cutting too close to the trunk. Be sure to remove any dead or dying branches too. Doing so will help your trees and shrubs stay strong and healthy throughout winter.

  1. Bring Your Potted Plants Indoors

If you have any potted plants, be sure to bring them indoors before the first frost hits. Potted plants are generally more delicate than those planted in the ground and will need extra care during cold weather. Place your potted plants in a sunny area near a window where they’ll get plenty of light. Pots placed in an area with little foot traffic tend to do best.

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