The snow is melting, and the days are getting longer- IT’S FINALLY SPRING! As the weather starts to warm up, it’s time to think about your landscape. By following some simple tips, you can have your landscape looking awesome all season long!

This blog post will discuss some essential landscape maintenance and seasonal landscape improvement tips. We will also guide you on making your landscape look its best and how to prepare your landscape for the upcoming summer!

Get Your Landscape Ready For Spring!

Early Lawncare

To keep your outdoors looking fresh, you’ll need to perform the essential upkeep. Assess your lawn and identify its need; We recommend aerating the turf and fertilizing it as the weather warms up.

You can expect lush green lawns with healthy roots all season long and ready for the summer heat. Wait until May to start mowing your lawn. Give it some time to grow and absorb the fertilizer.

Garden Beds Spring Cleaning

Check up your garden bed for any remaining debris from the winter or any early-stage pest. You can use a garden rake to loosen the topsoil and allow air and water to reach the roots of your plants.

While you’re at it, now’s also a good time to add some fresh mulch to your landscape! A two to three-inch layer of mulch will help protect your plants against extreme temperatures and help retain moisture during the upcoming months.

Inspect Decks And Hardscape For Damage

The harsh winter weather can take a toll on your hardscape features like decks, patios, and walkways. Look for cracked pavers or stones and repair them as soon as possible.

It’s also a good time to seal any concrete or brick surfaces to prevent further damage from the elements.

Spring Landscape Ideas!

Landscaping Lights

Adding landscaping lights will allow you to enjoy the warm spring nights in your garden. Lightscaping would be a fantastic addition to your property. Without a doubt, it will help you enjoy your outdoor much more.

You can also upgrade to stunner features like lanterns, lighting recesses into a walkway, or even faux rocks with integrated lights that seamlessly blend into the landscaping.

Plant Ornamental Colored Trees And Shrubs

They’ll offer a bright focal point in your yard. Cherry trees and wisteria are landscape beginner-friendly and quite affordable. The fast-growing pace of these trees makes them perfect for front yards decoration. Shrubs can complement your selection to create a bold mosaic of colors during spring. 

Set Up A Birdbath Or Hummingbird Feeder.

Become the host of beautiful visitors this season, setting up birdbaths and hummingbird feeders. Birds can be very beneficial, not only in an ornamental sense (Hummingbirds are famous pollinators). Some species will keep pest control.

Get Your Landscape Ready For Summer!

Color makes its way during spring to become the protagonist of the summer. Lightscape, colored trees and shrubs, and birds can create a subtle contrast with the lush green of the lawn. But you can upgrade these ideas for a more vibrant summer with:

Miller’s Landscaping Seasonal Landscape services

As seasons change, your landscaping and lawn care must change too. Miller’s landscaping is your best ally to achieve a curb appeal season after season. Our experts are capable of creating thematic gardens and landscapes to delight your taste with our wide range of landscaping services.

At Miller’s Landscaping, we cover everything from essential lawn care to landscape design, installation, and maintenance. Don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule our seasonal services.